Up and down

June 23, 2015

It’s very hot here. Like the center of the sun. It hurts my eyes.

I’ve been writing. I’ve been forcing myself to take lots of meds for a host of invisible illnesses. My body temperature is constantly up and down, just like my blood pressure. Eating right, eating left, the best cure is to eat a little something and run from one air-conditioned location to another.  Strangely enough, vacuuming works as exercise.

The oldest baby chick thinks she’s a full-fledged chicken and is off on her own.

The middle baby chick is off to high school.

The baby baby chick just lost the first tooth. Where has the time gone?

Off to write once more.



Peeps and Eggs

April 8, 2010

What a freaking crazy weekend it was for the PTC. The Easter Bunny bought herself a bunch of Reese’s Peanutbutter Eggs and devoured them all. Kids like Peeps, but this Chick likes eggs. So, I got them all out of the house and Monday morning I went back to my no-sugar diet.
The beginning of the week is much easier than the end of the week when it comes to sticking to my diet. Probably because I end up binging over the weekend and my resolve is strengthened to get back “on the wagon” come Monday morning.
So, today is Day 3 of back to low-carb and I have a rumbly in my tumbly. A rosemary crusted pork roast is in the oven, and rosemary red potatoes are roasting in there, too, but I will leave the potatoes to the other members of my household. I will put some green veggies in the microwave and that will be my side.
BUT I lost 5 lbs between Monday morning and this morning, so I have to stick with this.
I have 1 month until I begin the downhill slide of my 30’s and so I need to TRY to get a few pounds off my thick-ol’ body.
But don’t worry, my dear thick chick luvahs… My waist may whittle down, but this big ol’ booty won’t go… even if I wanted it to!
Peeps… Eggs… Peeps… Eggs…
I will go have a yummy Mexican dinner for my birthday in a month. Till then, it’s meat and eggs and veggies!

Hello world!

March 26, 2010

Welcome to the Life and Times of a Pretty Thick Chick

What exactly does thick mean?  

Heavy in form, build, or stature; thickset.

You might call me fat.  You might call me husky.  I’ve also heard plus-sized, but my man calls it thick. 

It’s not something I really want to be, I mean, come on!  This is a skinny world. But I am addicted to sugar and other worthless carbohydrates and it’s crazy how hard it is to overcome.

So, come with me on my journey through life as a Pretty Thick Chick.  See the trials of a carb addiction, see the trials of trying to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, see the joy of the jiggle when I get my butt off the sofa and onto the treadmill!

Enjoy the triumphs of a chocolate cake baked from scratch.

Hello world!